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ZFS “promote”.

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Originally rpool/zones/p_l1 was created as rpool/zones/p_p1 clone.
And as a result of clone, we've got rpool/zones/p_p1@SUNWzone1 snapshot.

# zfs get all rpool/zones/p_l1
NAME              PROPERTY         VALUE                      SOURCE
rpool/zones/p_l1  type             filesystem                 -
rpool/zones/p_l1  creation         Tue Jul 28 13:22 2009      -
rpool/zones/p_l1  used             634M                       -
rpool/zones/p_l1  available        34.3G                      -
rpool/zones/p_l1  referenced       1.38G                      -
rpool/zones/p_l1  compressratio    1.00x                      -
rpool/zones/p_l1  mounted          yes                        -
rpool/zones/p_l1  origin           rpool/zones/p_p1@SUNWzone1 -
rpool/zones/p_l1  quota            none                       default
rpool/zones/p_l1  reservation      none                       default
rpool/zones/p_l1  recordsize       128K                       default
rpool/zones/p_l1  mountpoint       /zones/p_l1                inherited from rpool/zones
rpool/zones/p_l1  sharenfs         off                        local
rpool/zones/p_l1  checksum         on                         default
rpool/zones/p_l1  compression      off                        default
rpool/zones/p_l1  atime            on                         default
rpool/zones/p_l1  devices          on                         default
rpool/zones/p_l1  exec             on                         default
rpool/zones/p_l1  setuid           on                         default
rpool/zones/p_l1  readonly         off                        default
rpool/zones/p_l1  zoned            off                        default
rpool/zones/p_l1  snapdir          hidden                     default
rpool/zones/p_l1  aclmode          groupmask                  default
rpool/zones/p_l1  aclinherit       restricted                 default
rpool/zones/p_l1  canmount         on                         default
rpool/zones/p_l1  shareiscsi       off                        default
rpool/zones/p_l1  xattr            on                         default
rpool/zones/p_l1  copies           1                          default
rpool/zones/p_l1  version          3                          -
rpool/zones/p_l1  utf8only         off                        -
rpool/zones/p_l1  normalization    none                       -
rpool/zones/p_l1  casesensitivity  sensitive                  -
rpool/zones/p_l1  vscan            off                        default
rpool/zones/p_l1  nbmand           off                        default
rpool/zones/p_l1  sharesmb         off                        default
rpool/zones/p_l1  refquota         none                       default
rpool/zones/p_l1  refreservation   none                       default

# zfs get all rpool/zones/p_p1
NAME              PROPERTY         VALUE                      SOURCE
rpool/zones/p_p1  type             filesystem                 -
rpool/zones/p_p1  creation         Mon Jul 27 17:01 2009      -
rpool/zones/p_p1  used             1.92G                      -
rpool/zones/p_p1  available        34.3G                      -
rpool/zones/p_p1  referenced       1.80G                      -
rpool/zones/p_p1  compressratio    1.00x                      -
rpool/zones/p_p1  mounted          yes                        -
rpool/zones/p_p1  quota            none                       default
rpool/zones/p_p1  reservation      none                       default
rpool/zones/p_p1  recordsize       128K                       default
rpool/zones/p_p1  mountpoint       /zones/p_p1  local
rpool/zones/p_p1  sharenfs         off                        default
rpool/zones/p_p1  checksum         on                         default
rpool/zones/p_p1  compression      off                        default
rpool/zones/p_p1  atime            on                         default
rpool/zones/p_p1  devices          on                         default
rpool/zones/p_p1  exec             on                         default
rpool/zones/p_p1  setuid           on                         default
rpool/zones/p_p1  readonly         off                        default
rpool/zones/p_p1  zoned            off                        default
rpool/zones/p_p1  snapdir          hidden                     default
rpool/zones/p_p1  aclmode          groupmask                  default
rpool/zones/p_p1  aclinherit       restricted                 default
rpool/zones/p_p1  canmount         on                         default
rpool/zones/p_p1  shareiscsi       off                        default
rpool/zones/p_p1  xattr            on                         default
rpool/zones/p_p1  copies           1                          default
rpool/zones/p_p1  version          3                          -
rpool/zones/p_p1  utf8only         off                        -
rpool/zones/p_p1  normalization    none                       -
rpool/zones/p_p1  casesensitivity  sensitive                  -
rpool/zones/p_p1  vscan            off                        default
rpool/zones/p_p1  nbmand           off                        default
rpool/zones/p_p1  sharesmb         off                        default
rpool/zones/p_p1  refquota         none                       default
rpool/zones/p_p1  refreservation   none                       default

# zfs list
NAME                                       USED  AVAIL  REFER  MOUNTPOINT
rpool                                     32.7G  34.3G    94K  /rpool
rpool/ROOT                                2.13G  34.3G    18K  legacy
rpool/ROOT/s10s_u7wos_08                  2.13G  34.3G  2.13G  /
rpool/dump                                1.00G  34.3G  1.00G  -
rpool/export                              19.7G  34.3G    20K  /export
rpool/export/home                         19.7G  34.3G  19.7G  /export/home
rpool/spool                               1.27G  34.3G   591M  /spool
rpool/spool/hg                             708M  34.3G   708M  /spool/hg
rpool/swap                                1.94G  36.2G    16K  -
rpool/zones                               6.66G  34.3G    22K  /zones
rpool/zones/build_solaris_sparc           4.12G  34.3G  4.88G  /zones/build_solaris_sparc
rpool/zones/p_l1                           634M  34.3G  1.38G  /zones/p_l1
rpool/zones/p_p1                          1.92G  34.3G  1.80G  /zones/p_p1
rpool/zones/p_p1@SUNWzone1                 120M      -   897M  -

# zfs promote rpool/zones/p_l1

# zfs list
NAME                                      USED  AVAIL  REFER  MOUNTPOINT
rpool                                    32.7G  34.3G    94K  /rpool
rpool/ROOT                               2.13G  34.3G    18K  legacy
rpool/ROOT/s10s_u7wos_08                 2.13G  34.3G  2.13G  /
rpool/dump                               1.00G  34.3G  1.00G  -
rpool/export                             19.7G  34.3G    20K  /export
rpool/export/home                        19.7G  34.3G  19.7G  /export/home
rpool/spool                              1.27G  34.3G   591M  /spool
rpool/spool/hg                            708M  34.3G   708M  /spool/hg
rpool/swap                               1.94G  36.2G    16K  -
rpool/zones                              6.66G  34.3G    22K  /zones
rpool/zones/build_solaris_sparc          4.12G  34.3G  4.88G  /zones/build_solaris_sparc
rpool/zones/p_l1                         1.50G  34.3G  1.38G  /zones/p_l1
rpool/zones/p_l1@SUNWzone1                124M      -   897M  -
rpool/zones/p_p1                         1.04G  34.3G  1.80G  /zones/p_p1

# zfs destroy rpool/zones/p_l1@SUNWzone1
cannot destroy 'rpool/zones/p_l1@SUNWzone1': snapshot has dependent clones
use '-R' to destroy the following datasets:


Written by Vladimir Legeza

April 28, 2010 at 3:53 pm

Posted in Solaris, Solaris, ZFS

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