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Identify compatible controller driver on Solaris.

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Our task for today is to identify preinstalled Ethernet controller and find an appropriate device diver.

Any controller can be identified by its vendor and device ID’s.

# prtconf -vp | more
Node 0x000027
assigned-addresses: 82020010.00000000.fbb20000.00000000.00020000.82020014.
reg: 00020000.00000000.00000000.00000000.00000000.02020010.00000000.00000000.
compatible: 'pciex8086,10d3.8086.a01f.0' + 'pciex8086,10d3.8086.a01f' +
'pciex8086,10d3.0' + 'pciex8086,10d3' + 'pciexclass,020000' + 'pciexclass,0200'
+ 'pci8086,10d3.8086.a01f.0' + 'pci8086,10d3.8086.a01f' + 'pci8086,a01f' +
'pci8086,10d3.0' + 'pci8086,10d3' + 'pciclass,020000' + 'pciclass,0200'
model: 'Ethernet controller'
power-consumption: 00000001.00000001
devsel-speed: 00000000
interrupts: 00000001
subsystem-vendor-id: 00008086
subsystem-id: 0000a01f
unit-address: '0'
class-code: 00020000
revision-id: 00000000

vendor-id: 00008086
device-id: 000010d3
name: 'pci8086,a01f'

By googling “Ethernet 8086,10d3” you will be landed on a page like that point you out to the particular “Intel® Gigabit CT Desktop Adapter” its description and last available drivers.

Also, by these two numbers you might find a related driver available in the system.

# grep "8086,10d3" /etc/driver_aliases
e1000g "pci8086,10d3"
e1000g "pciex8086,10d3"

Here e1000g is the driver name that can be used with this controller.

The same information can be retrieved in Linux by the command:

# lspci -nn | grep -i 'Ethernet Controller'


Written by Vladimir Legeza

February 17, 2013 at 5:55 pm

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