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Around the clock, across the globe. By Vladimir Legeza

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A few sentences about me:
I am a certified administrator for UNIX and UNIX-like operation systems and Enterprise-level networks with more then ten years of hands-on experience.

Also, I’m a leader of the group of sysadmins who interested in technologies available in Solaris and OpenSolaris (in most cases), Linux and BSD features, functionality and technologies. Technologies like “Unbreakable filesystem ZFS”, “Clustering”, “Redundancy”, “Less Known features” and etc. The main purpose of the group is to spread knowledge and experiences exchange. My last presentation for the group was about “Workload Balancing without dedicated equipement”.

Sphere of my interests for today can be described by the few of the following points: (most of them are relevant to Solaris):

  • Performance analizing;
  • Oracle Solaris internals;
  • High availability;
  • Clustering;
  • Virtualization;



Written by Vladimir Legeza

July 9, 2010 at 9:59 pm

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